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If you want to spend less money on heating and hot water preparation in your hotel, we offer advice and tips.

Hotels are a very specific group of buildings, in terms of the energy, hot water and heating requirements. They change during the year depending on occupancy. The owners of the hotels often claim that in this sector, it is difficult to assume anything. It's a risky and financially demanding business, but if it’s well managed, good profits can be expected. Heating and preparation of hot water plays the most significant part in expenses on energy consumption.                                                                     

Ensuring utmost comfort at the lowest possible cost

The source of heat plays the most important role, it must work efficiently, regardless of variable demand, which in the hotels occurs. It is a great challenge to ensure comfort of the guests during low occupancy and peak season as well. This means that you must select a heat source, which allows you to modulate the highest possible performance without a significant loss of efficiency. In the hotel, the regulation of heat during the colder months, when the temperature decreases to a minimum in unoccupied rooms, while in the occupied rooms it is possible to regulate it as needed, is also important.

 With the changing energy demand, a device whose performance can be easily controlled, for example, by modulation of the burner, is the best solution. Condensing gas boiler is exactly such a device. It is one of the most efficient boilers available on the market, which is characterized by up to 99% efficiency. This is a very important attribute, because it allows this device to achieve the same heating effect, with lower fuel consumption. This leads to a reduction in operating costs.

Companies that want to have a good reputation, must be equipped with environmentally friendly devices with minimal impact on the environment. Flue gas monitoring is very important – the concentration of components in the flue gas and their temperature provide the owner with the information on the combustion process and the correct operation of the boiler.

Efficiently and environmentally friendly

Exclusive Hotels also have exclusive requirements from their customers. Hotels usually include other services, which must meet the requirements for comfort. Therefore, they should choose reliable solutions, which have already been successfully utilized in the past and bring benefits to their owner. This includes reliable operation, advanced automatic control, effective and environmentally friendly production of thermal energy.

An example of one such project is the Tulip House Boutique Hotel in Bratislava, where modern system solution utilizing Hoval UltraGas® boilers has been used. With regard to the location of the hotel, which is in the very centre of Bratislava and under strict requirements for emissions and noise, and of course to meet the high requirements of the investor, a condensing double boiler Hoval® UltraGas (500D) was mounted.


Figure 3: Hotel Tulip house

The main objective of the reconstruction of the historical building has been the reconstruction to a modern design hotel. As in every hotel, there was an emphasis on reliable solution with the lowest possible operating costs. Thanks to Hoval technology, the investor scored a comfortable operation and trouble-free supply of heat, which fills the needs of hotel guests. In addition, the accounts showed operating savings, what lets the hotel take advantage of these savings for other purposes.

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